• Guarded Entrance and Exits: The Glens by Filinvest at The Park Spring in San Pedro Laguna is one of the safest havens in the South. With its guarded entrance and exits, the community becomes fully monitored by Security Forces and entrée of people are fully screened. 
  • Full Perimeter Fences: The walls surrounding the entire place clearly provides for the exclusivity of the community. With these perimeter walls, the place becomes a much safer haven to live. 
  • Tropical Gardens: Not too many residential communities have gardens like the one at the Glens. This compliments the nature theme of the place and it promotes wildlife habitation – birds, practically, because trees and vegetated places are their breeding sanctuaries. These tropical gardens equally promote among children the love of Mother Nature. Anyone who wants to enjoy a cool and quiet place can simply come and spend time at the tropical gardens. 
  • Tennis Court: There is no need for Tennis enthusiasts to play outside or somewhere else because right here, one can easily access the tennis court without limits. It’s time to invite some friends here to enjoy Lawn Tennis.
  • Basketball Court: Boys, men and others who want to play basketball, this place is particularly dedicated to you. You can come home straight from work and enjoy your favorite ball game here. Bring in some friends and enjoy a friendly tournament within a safer ground. 
  • Swimming Pool: Perfect for socialization anytime. Equally perfect for family weekends where kids can truly enjoy their favorite spot, the swimming pool. This too, can be kids socializing point. They can gain new friends and meet neighbors. 
  • Clubhouse: The Clubhouse is here to serve your needs for a more formal and secure venue for your private and family occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, child baptism, among others. This, too, can be a perfect social place for public events requiring a more formal venue. 
  • Kiddie Playground: This is really cool because in here, the kids are safe. They can play along safely and securely with other kids minus the usual fear of being kidnapped or what not. We still recommend adult supervision when kids are at play to ensure their safety. 
  • Chapel: There is an indoor church that is functional for residents’ religious needs. There will be scheduled religious masses, among other activities depending on the needs and requests of residents. 
  • Tennis court
  • Tropical garden
  • Chapel
  • Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Basketball Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kiddie Playground
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